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Wednesday, May 18

Popcorn Cupcakes

It's popcorn day in Emma's class today.
I made these cute little popcorn cupcakes.

I have seen them online before and wanted to try them.
They are uber cute and easy.
I used a boxed white cake mix,
baked and cooled the cupcakes, and
made my own buttercream vanilla icing.
You make the little 'popcorn kernels' by cutting mini marshmallows
in half and smushing the halves back together.

Like all first time attempts at anything, I learned some tips for next time.
1. You should only work with 3 cupcakes at a time.
Ice them and stick the marshmallows on while the icing is wet.
When it dries, they won't stick in there very well.

2. Cut and squish all your marshmallows while your cupcakes are baking.
Have em' ready.

3. The mixture of the icing and the marshmallows kinda does something funky.
So only ice and decorate a few hours (at most) before serving.
I finished mine last night and by this morning they were a little slimy, runny, gooey or something on top.
Not bad. Just not great like they were last night.

OH! and spray the tops with this

It gives you the 'buttered' look!
I got mine at JoAnn's.

Thanks for reading my friends!
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.
The boys and I are off to deliver these cupcakes,
have a speech lesson, and later we are all off to swim lessons.

...this is our life.


amanda persinger said...

love them! I will have to make these on a movie night : )

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For this moment is your life."