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Sunday, February 16

I've Moved!

Come check out all new recent post on our new blog site!!

This blog will still remain for post referencing and memories.


Friday, February 7

photo friday

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Friday, January 17

photo friday

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*on a side note, I am trying and wanting to post through the week.
Many times. But something in the technology universe is
against me. boo. I will keep trying.

Monday, January 13

Emma's birthday week!

Today is the last day for Emma to be 8.
My goodness.
I think I'm okay with her turning 9, but I do not like thinking about double digits!
So for now, lets think about 9.
Sometimes I just stare at her when she is dancing (all the time) or telling
me a great story and I remember being nine.
Though my 9 was much different from hers today.
I love her so much.
My first born.
My little girl.
Emma is very talkative, super sweet, loves music, dancing and crafts and
is very funny. She has an alter ego that comes out sometimes called 'granny'.
It's pretty hilarious.
She has a lots of dreams, big ones.
She loves God and has many friends.
This week we celebrate Emma Nicole!

Nana is coming today to help celebrate.
Tonight we will have Emma's favorite chicken and for
a surprise Chocolate covered strawberries.

Tomorrow, (the birthday!)Blueberry muffins for breakfast with a candle.
I will take cupcakes to her class and eat lunch with her.
Then we will go out to eat wherever she chooses for dinner.
I can't wait to decorate the downstairs breakfast room tomorrow.
She will love it.
I can't wait to see her reaction when she opens her gift
from daddy.
And homemade cupcakes for dessert!

Wednesday will be hamburgers and fries, another Emma fav.
Plus she is bringing a friend home from school on Wed.

Thursday, bacon sandwiches.
And Friday probably pizza (I'll be tired by then)

Fun for sure!

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Friday, January 3

photo friday

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new year's eve

Game Time!!
New Year's Eve tradition - hang out with the family
play games in a very friendly, competitive way, and eat!
Our family, me, Mark and the our kids do not stay
up until midnight. I really don't think I could if I tried.
I don't make it past 10.30. ever. I have no desire to
stay up just to kiss Mark at midnight.
My kids definitely are not staying up!
I would pay for that the next day.

We didn't play as much as we usually do.
Some very lively rounds of spoons, our
new game Qbitz and some Apples to Apples.
The kids all learned to play spoons for the first
time and they loved it.

Diane brought out some old papers, schoolwork,
pictures, etc. So Tammy and I got to reading some
family history that ended up being very interesting,
entertaining and funny!

Halle stuck with watching over MerMer.

Halle was switching the fan on and off which made
Meredith laugh out loud every time. It was cute.

We bailed about 9 or before and hit the hay as
soon as we got home!

Happy 2014!!

New year's resolution: More Jesus.
That's it.
All I need.
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Monday, December 30

Christmas 2014

The kids slept in the tent.
Right by the bonus room.
That's the room where Santa had to quietly put all their
wrapped gifts after they were sleeping.

They said they heard him!

I set my alarm for 6am.
I wanted to see their first reaction.
Mom was sleeping on the couch upstairs.
I took a blanket and a camera with a full battery to the loveseat.

Emma was first to stir about 6:45.
She was super excited.
 She snuck out alone to see the loot first and then
ran back yelling for the boys to come out quick!!

Highlights and favorite pictures this year...

Skylanders SwapForce.
He about died!
It was hilarious.
Got it all on video!

I love the Christmas mess.
ONLY the Christmas mess.

Meredith wasn't too sure about it all.
She kept getting paper stuck to the bottom of her foot.
She didn't like that.
Her jump on zebra wasn't wrapped so that's what
she went for first and didn't care about things she
couldn't see under paper.
Once off the zebra, we opened her WhimzyWalker
puppy for her and she was happy with that.
Didn't want/care about anything else.
So the boys opened 2 more for her.
Finally, when it was all said and done.
Everything was unwrapped except one.
Maddox handed it to her and

she opened it by herself!! And she loved it.
 One of those bottles for her babies with the disappearing milk.

She loves her kitchen set too.
Barbie Dream House from Santa
Some assembly required. heeheehee!
 This was a very merry Christmas here.
Tanner got lots of Pokemon toys.
Then we headed over to grandma's house!

All the girls got American Girl Dolls.

Boys being silly.

Presents as tall as you!!
He was beyond excited.

It was the year of the Crazy Loom.
Aunt Kelley got these for all the girls with cute
cases and lots of bands.
Emma has been doing them everyday.

We had a great Christmas!
Mark got me a watch and I gifted him a new coat.
We were surrounded by family and that meant the most!
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"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."