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Monday, December 15

Lil' Ballerina

Here she is....Isn't she lov...ely? :)
Emma started ballet this year and she has really had a lot of fun. She loves getting dressed up in those tights, leotards, and little ballet slippers. She is in a really small class, only 2 sometimes, so she has had lots of attention. She likes it while she is there, but for some reason I think if I never took her back she may never ask about it again! LOL What am I paying for, anyway?? :)
She does look really cute, and she has learned some of the basics of ballet. By the end of the year, she should have had enough to know if she wants to continue with it or try something different.
For now... we will dance on...

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Amanda DeFelice said...

This picture makes my desire for a little girl even more intense. What a precious ballerina!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."