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Monday, December 15

santa encounter !

Thursday night it started snowing! The schools were all called off by 7:oopm!! (crazy) Everyone was scrambling to get home, before they were stuck in the ditch! ha. After dinner we headed out in the snow to see the lights on highway 109! The snow made everything so much more beautiful! It was really fun. Every year we go. We get the kids out of their car seats and drive thru really slowly. Emma knew that Santa may be at the end, so the anticipation was building as our van made it's way around the winding path of lights passing carolers, live sheep, baby Jesus, lit up villages, and waterfalls. And finally here we were at the end, at the barn where he MAY be.. And he was!!! He gave us all a candy cane and it sounded like he said "Bye Em"!! LOL So, of course, I really played that up! :)
If you have a chance, take your family on a new tradition. Highway 109 Lights with Santa. It's all worth it!! Merry Christmas to you.

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