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Friday, February 27

Dinner is Served

I made these for dinner last night. They are one of most favorite dishes. They are quick, easy, and yummy...I promise.

Grilled Chicken Kabobs: Bite size pieces of chicken, green pepper, red pepper, fresh pineapple. Thread onto wooden skewers. It helps to double up on the skewers and to soak them in water before hand. Next mix together 1/2 cup BBQ sauce with frozen OJ concentrate. The recipe calls for 3 tbs of OJ, but I always use lots more. Brush the sauce on, and grill!! You can make them ahead, keep them marinating in the frig. I use the rest of the sauce to brush on while grilling, it keeps them moist and juicy. I love the taste of the cooked pineapple and the sauce. Another tip: I always put a chunk of pineapple beside a chunk of chicken for flavor. Even if you don't like the cooked pineapple, it makes the chicken more flavorful.


amanda said...

yummmo!! I have to make these again...they are so good!!

Judy Mercer said...

The house is beautiful, can't wait to come and see you guys

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