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Wednesday, May 6


Well, it's not a scrapbook page but it is crafty. Emma and I put this together in about 20 minutes. The patio set the kids were using has been awesome. They're aunt Judy got it for them probably 3 years ago. They have worn that thing out!! One of the chairs finally broke last weekend, so since Emma has always wanted a picnic table I thought we could try that. I wanted to get a good wooden one that would last a long time. So now we just have to stain it and if it ever stops raining we will stick it outside. We could never survive without some kind of place for them to eat outside. It so nice not to have to clean up the "after meal mess" ! Emma even likes eating breakfast out there! BTW we ordered it from this site.

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amanda persinger said...

How cute!! I can't believe you and emma did that by yourself!! I might have to get one for my kids ;)

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