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Tuesday, June 16

Lots to share

Vacation was so much fun! I haven't posted for awhile so I have lots to share. First we just got back from Gatlinburg and Camping in the Smoky Mountains National Park. We stayed in a hotel right on the Gatilinburg strip, so we could walk to everything. Of course, we did the aquriuam. The kids loved that.....

We walked around alot taking in the live music, people, and sights. We found a great little local Italian place to eat. We always like to find the local stuff...more fun. The kids were troopers when it came to walking around...for the most part.

On a cloudy afternoon, when we didn't want to go to the pool again, we drove down to Pigeon Forge for some fun. The kids loved these little kiddy rides. Maddox was big enough to ride them all!! He loved it! Mark rode with him a few times b/c we didn't trust him to not jump out or do some other stunt. Then we went into the aracade and spent too much $ on games so we could win 196 tickets and turn them in for candy that amounted to about .72cents at the store!

Maddox got to meet Herbie!! He's parked on the strip in Gatlinburg. And it was so funny that the kids even knew who Herbie was!! They have been watching that movie lately over and over. So Maddox just stood there saying, "Berdie, Berdie". Emma was too scared to get close enough for a picture.

Oh, we also went to the Dixie Stampede. That was so much fun. The horses, songs, and costumes were awesome. Not to mention all the food! The hour and half show kept the kids attention the entire time. I will post about our camping trip soon...

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amanda persinger said...

looks like ya'll had a great time! What's up with our girls being scared of Everything! :)

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For this moment is your life."