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Saturday, July 18


VBS was the most fun I've had in a long time....no lie. We just finished up last night and as all the kids and leaders stood there together worshiping, singing "Everlasting God", I had tears in my eyes. That was worth every second I put into making this week come together. Even now as I type I'm starting to tear up, b/c of how much the people at our church really love and care about each other. From the elder to the teens to the little kids.....we are such an awesome family! We have fun together while loving our Jesus. Here are a few pics from the week, and if you missed it....well....you really missed IT! And I love what a dear BFF of mine said before this week even started about how, "every child has a right to experience this for themselves." You're right Terrye, and so genuine.

Crocodile Dock

Emma with her cousin Braden

Kyle - Games Leader - Emm's Fav.

Our Praise Team... u r so cool!

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amanda persinger said...

great photos! I really missed helping with VBS this year. It's alot of work but, in the end it's worth it!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."