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Tuesday, September 29

***Book Review***

"Sweet September" by.... an author that I can't remember (sorry) and the book is in the van - not going out there tonight - was a great book. It was def. an easy read. It's about a grandmother seeking God's guidance as she struggles with raising her grandchildren, dealing with farm life and all that brings. You could easily finish it in a week, if you don't have a baby within that same week! ha. NEway, pick it up for some leisure reading as you swing on the hammock out back b/c you have nothing else to do....right?
I am now on to my new read, "Life on Planet Mom" by Lisa T. Bergren. It is a down-to-earth guide to a mom's ever changing relationships. I am actually about 1/2 thru it already and I find it really interesting, helpful, and eye opening. I received it free for joining MOPS this year and so far am not disappointed. BTW if you are not involved in a MOPS group - you should be! I have only been to 2 meetings and I love it. I love the women, the friends (new and old), the devotional times, the support, the conversation, and of course the food, fellowship and a little time away from my youngins. So if you're not involved - get involved. There's no time like the present when you are living on Planet Mom!

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amanda persinger said...

oooh, you will have to pass that down to me! I am not a big reader but I do like to read "self help" books(especially if it involves being a mom), reading to my kids, and of course the bible. Other than that I do not read.

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."