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Wednesday, September 16

***Catching Up***

I guess my bloggin' mojo went out the window! I haven't been keeping up b/c I haven't had the pictures I wanted. Lets start with today.

Dr. visit today went great...she says she thinks she may see me before my scheduled induction next Wednesday! exciting! I'm so ready. I can't wait to meet my precious new baby bundle. boy?girl? Mark installed the infant carseat today. The crib is up. The pink and blue laundry is done. The bag is packed. We're ready.....come on baby. Let the choas begin.

As I promised, we did get some maternity and family pics done this weekend, but I can't get the stupid things to work! urrrgh! I promise I will post them as soon as I figure them out, b/c I want you to see how very caaauute they are!

I also have some baby shower pictures to share with you...
Here is the beautiful, unisex diaper cake my bff made for me..
I saved the gerber daisies to make head bands with in case this is a girl.

Here's the motherload of gifts and goodies from all my friends and family. I could not have ask for better friends to attend my shower...I luv all these gals..

Yes, we're in our pajamas! So fun. We had a pajama party complete with a chocolate fountain!! yumm-O
Emma and Maddox had their first day of MDO last week.
Maddox did great and didn't start crying until today! I hate leaving him crying, but Ms. Holly said he didn't cry long and then was fine the rest of the day. Emma is in a classroom full of girls... she loves it! She has 2 of her friends from last year and she sees others in the gym. Her teacher this year is awesome and I'm glad for that since she is going to kinder....kinder....kindergarden (whew got it out) next year!!!

Aren't they cute? Ok gotta go till next time.

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Tyrees on the Road said...

They ARE too cute...but I loved the pajama party picture! Glad you had fun...and praying that everything will go well, and waiting to hear the news!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."