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Monday, October 19

{ bOoK REvieW }

Ok first let me do this..........squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVED this book!!!!!!

Suspense, Romance, Laughter, Fate, Destiny,
OH it has it ALL!
( And a marine. mmm hmm)

This is my new favorite from Nicholas Sparks!

You will love it too!

You have to read it!

Can you tell I JUST finished it...so I'm still really exited.
It was soooo good!

Ok. I know. I just said that.

I couldn't put it down.
I read it in one week.
(with a newborn and little sleep)

I am expecting it to become a movie.
It was that good. As a movie, it would be
right up there with "The Notebook".

There were some curse words sprinkled throughout
that I can def. do without. But it was the crazy
guy in the story talking, so those words just
make you hate him even more.

So go get a copy, because you can't borrow mine!
Unless you find one in hardcover,
then I'll trade ya!

long sigh. I am trying to come down from my high.

Ok. Now we can talk about my new read which is Nich's newest novel. Ya think it's ok if I call him Nich? Since I've read all his books? Since I own all his books? This would be a good time to share a picture....
That's him. Mark saw this picture on the back cover, gave it a second glance then goes,
"Is that him?" I just casually said ,"yea". So he tosses the book back on the table and says
"That's not the way I pictured him." It's always good to have a visual.

Anyway, back to my next read....His newest novel titled "The Last Song". Looks to be one about love....first love, love between parents & children, broken hearts and how to heal them.

Can't wait to dive in. But first I was wondering, what are you guys out there reading?? Amanda P. - you should be reading...something. Let me know what's been your recent favorite?

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amanda persinger said...

If you don't stop with all these book reviews...your going to get me to want to read! lol!
No, really I don't know where you find the time but glad your getting some good reads in :)

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."