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Thursday, October 29

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Well, they're all done before Halloween! Yay! Working on all these things little by little has almost drove me mad. I like to get things done. now. But that hasn't been the case around here lately. So without further ado..

Our haunted house... It's soooo cute! I love it. I totally copied it from her. I mean she really inspired me to do this caaauuute little house. Mine doesn't have a fence, but jeez I'm tired of workin' on it for now. So I decided I would upgrade in 2010 and add a fence! Her advice was to paint the entire thing black before you even start! ugh. what? I was not about to do that! So I was thinkin' maybe she doesn't know what she's talking about. right? She only just finished one. Needless to say I did not take her advice and boy was she right! If you do this: paint it all black first. If you don't you end up with these little spots showing through here and there...
See the eaves of the house? I had to go back and paint all those spaces black later. It would have been much easier to do this from the beginning. I was thinking paint with a brush, but NO you could just spray paint that baby. easy. Then you will need lots of this...
Of course, Emma helped. She asked me ev.e.r.y. day. if we could work on it. Too which I mostly responded, "I'm too tired." (long sigh). That girl loves her some crafts. And yes, it does have a purpose. The top comes off and you can fill it with treats. love it. Oh, and they're really cheap at Hobby Lobby. Like 6 bucks.
O.K. on to the hand-made treat boxes. I got this idea from Scrapbooks,etc. The pattern they gave is much smaller so I enlarged it to 12x12 to make room for more goodies. They turned out really cute and the bat was def. my favorite, but isn't that mummy so sweet.

Emma was so proud of them. We made an assembly line with the candy and she did all the work putting everything in. She said, "Everyone is going to love me b/c I am giving them this." She loves to give to others and at bedtime she ask if we could make some more the next day to give to someone else. Too Cute. Sweet Girl.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Have a safe, fun weekend and check back tomorrow for photo Friday pictures.


Jess said...

The haunted house is too cute! I'll try to find one to work on for next year.
The treat boxes are going to be a big hit. They are super cute!
I don't know how you found the time to work on all this, but great job!

Amanda DeFelice said...

You shoud ALWAYS listen to your BFF's advice....LOL heehee!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."