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Sunday, October 25

{ puMpKiNs }

Tell me you didn't carve your pumpkins this weekend!?! Blogs are full of pumpkin carving pictures today. And so is mine. Here's (almost) the whole gang....we're missing 3 boys. The youngest, the oldest and the one in between. Grandma and Papa always buy all the grand kids a pumpkin every year and set aside a day that the parents can carve the pumpkins, scrape out the guts, punch out the shapes, cut out the designs and then hand them back to the kids to take a picture. Oh, what? I mean you know, it's all about the kids.

Front Row: Halle, Chloe and Emma. Back Row: Maddox and Braden

These punch out designs are really cool and helpful for we artistically challenged.

Here's Halle showing the smallest pumpkin that she picked for Tanner.

Emma did not like the 'guts' on her hands.

I have some really cute halloween crafts that I will show you.....soon.

I won 't say tomorrow. But soon, since Halloween is this weekend!!

I will get them done ONLY b/c my mom is here to help me this week.

Thanks mom!


Don Schultheis..... said...

Fun Pictures!

Don Schultheis..... said...

They should be under galleries!

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