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Monday, November 30

{ CrAfTY }

We've been crafting around here....
This picture is proof that Maddox did some crafts with us.
He will never let me take a picture of him with the finished thing.

Emma's BFF Grant came over last week to do some crafting with us.
He brought along these cute snowmen....

And then we found these cute lil' Christmas Trees in the December Issue of FamilyFun.

They were super easy for the kids to do (except we used hot glue to make em' hold).

I think I'll turn mine into ornaments.

And now for my FAVORITE!! Get ready these are adorable.

This idea was also in Family Fun .

Awwww...they're little carolers! They are made from paper towel tubes. I cut them to different heights so we could make one for each person in our family...See there's me in the yellow coat and black hat! Ha! And that's Mark in the blue! And of course the three munchkins sandwiched in betweeen us!! I scrounged up the only unused socks I could find but you could do some super cute hats with fun baby socks. The magazine suggested painting the tubes....uh no. We rolled them in construction paper. Wouldn't they be cute lining the mantel or 'my' idea: make enough to glue them around a wreath! So cute.

Well, the tree is up too. But I'll post that later...I need a shower before Mister T wakes up.

Happy Crafting!

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