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Monday, November 9

{ DeaLS }

Got some deals today at BIG!LOTS.
First off they have Halloween stuff 50% off.
They don't have much but,
I got this for 4 bucks....

You can't really tell from the picture, but it's sparkly.
Pretty darn cute.

Ok. Now for my favorite find today.

I am always looking for crafts to stuff in Emma's craft drawer
for a rainy day and I found these....

They are from the Martha Stewart Create Collection! I love them! They are soooo very caaaauuute! I had seen the ad for them in different magazines for months and wanted to get them but not pay full price. (of course) They were only $2.00!! So I was picking them out individually a dog, a monkey, a lion...I had at least $10.oo worth when I realized...you could also get a pack of FIVE for $2.00!!! Score! My above picture does not show the lion, which was also included in our pack. They come with everything you need! no glue! no scissors! Emma did them all by herself while I was feeding Little T. And now they can't stop playing with them.....

I love deals!
And I'm planning on getting some more tomorrow to use as a craft at E's birthday party.


Jess said...

Those puppets are cute! Your Big Lots must be better than mine!!! But, I'm gonna go check it out again anyway. :)

amanda persinger said...

Love it! I really need to get back to blogging again. I am waaaay behind!! Miss you!

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For this moment is your life."