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Tuesday, November 17

{ sTiLL HerE }

It's been awhile since I blogged.
But I'm still here.
Still not getting a full nights sleep.
Although we have had a couple of 6 or 7 hour nights!
That was nice. I will never understand people that stay up way too late every night ON PURPOSE! Are you crazy? I love to sleep. And on the other hand, my heart goes out to all the people, for whatever reason, that CAN"T sleep. At least mine is temporary.
Well, we've been busy as bees around here. Nothing earth shattering. Keeping up with the house is like a 40 hour-a-week job. Mark did start on the outdoor Christmas lights this past weekend, but he is determined to get the lights ALL the way up on the highest peaks, SO they're not all done yet. I want them up there too, but I don't want him to break a limb in the process.
Here's the plan: After he climbs the 12 foot ladder to reach the porch roof, He is then going to nail a board to the roof to anchor an 8 foot ladder , then the neighbor is going to boost him up onto the tallest peak. UmKay.
Sounds safe enough, eh?
Please pray.
We had Tanner's dedication at church this past Sunday.
It was very sweet and he was so good.
When Pastor Don was holding Tanner, Maddox
kept saying, "Mommy, that's OUR baby Tanner."
He was worried PD was going to keep him or
God was going to reach down and take him back!
Well hopefully this weekend we will get the tree up.
Emma is SO excited already.
I'm not sure putting the tree up this early is such
a grand idea. Maddox does still live here, ya know?!

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