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Thursday, January 14

~ Emma turns 5 ~

Today, my little girl, is 5!!
How exciting!
This is a big one.
A milestone. She is so beautiful!
I thank God that HE chose me to be her mom.
She brings so much laughter and happiness
to our family.
Emma has been talking alot
about God lately.
Stories of Jesus, Promises He gave us.
She makes me so proud and I pray that
She will accept Jesus as her Savior and
then learn to listen to and follow Him.
Here are some pics of Emma over the past
five years and some of the ways she makes
us laugh! It was hard to pick just a couple so
here goes: (unfortunately I don't have any
digital photos of her as a tiny baby, but take
my word for it she was A-dor-A-ble!)

Happy Birthday Emma!!!!!!


Jess said...

Happy Birthday to Emma! Great pics, she is a cutie. They sure do grow up so fast.

amanda persinger said...

We miss Emma! Great pictures Heather! See you Sat!!! : )

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."