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Tuesday, February 16

MORE *s*n*o*w*

First off could we have a moment of silence
for those poor global warming people.....



Got that out.

I have been loving these snow days!!
So much fun for the kids
and for me. As long as we're not completely snowed in
for days and days, then I don't mind too much.
That very first snow we had, "THE BIG ONE" Mark and the kids went out
to play. I stayed in to keep warm. I looked out the window to see how much
fun they were probably having and I saw Mark talking to the neighbor while
the kids were all trying to fend for themselves on make shift sleds!
We don't own snow sleds, snow boots, snow suits, snow boards,
or snow anything else really. Mostly because the last time it snowed
enough for us to 'play' in it was....hmmm... let's see.....oh, yeah 7 years ago.
The kid in me really wanted to get out there and have some fun.
So the next day, we layered up again and out we go. I was determined to find
a way to slide down the driveway. First we tried a lid from a super-duper-wooper
sized tupperware tub. Worked pretty good. But then I spotted this thing in the garage.

The lid to the Little Tykes plastic toy box!! Score!! That sucker could F-L-Y!!!
It was sooo much fun letting Mark pull me over and over down the driveway! watching the kids slip and slide down the driveway.

And of course you have to try to catch the flakes on your tongue.....

Emma - chillin' like a villin'.

Maddox looks pretty cold here, huh?

Now that's just cute.

They're actuallly not holding hands.

Well, that was fun!


amanda persinger said...

Cute!! I am over the snow..bring on the sunshine :)

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