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Saturday, February 6

still here

Hey Hey!
I'm still here!
My computer is totally whacko lately
hence the lapse in posting.
We are getting a new one, soon as that
tax refund check comes rollin' in.
Not much going on around here lately.
I have started planning Maddox 3rd birthday party.
I believe we are onto Dora and Diego theme.
However, there was talk of a shark theme last week.
Only about 5 more weeks of Terrific Twos left!
Two has held alot of changes for Maddox.
We moved...twice.
Switched to a big boy bed.
And, of course, had a little brother.
It's alot for a little one to adjust too.
But Maddox can hold his own.
Emma is now officially signed up for
T-Ball Softball!!!
I am so excited to see her out there.
(We took a break from extra-curricular activities
because of little baby brother. She did one year of dance.)
We want to give her a chance to try many
new things and then let her decide which
path she wants to go.
Just knowing her personality,
I think she's eventually going to
lean towards dance, gymnastics, music and performing.
She loves that kind of stuff. Can't tell you how many
times a day I hear,
"Just pretend, that I'm on the stage and you came
to see me because I'm a famous singer."
She's a sweetie.
Well, now that it's Febraury I think Mark
is going to take down the Christmas lights.
Good idea.
I have lots of decorating ideas
swirling around in my head.
I want to paint the laundry room
light blue?
ohhhh ...green?
And hang some cabinets,
maybe add some seating
(that I already have in my attic!)
So I don't have to keep hoisting
Maddox onto the top of the dryer
to put his shoes and socks on him.
(oh my back)
I also want to get Little T
I admit it's super convenient to
have his crib downstairs. Because
that's where I spend most of my time,
and I can just plop him in there for all his
naps. Also if he's upstairs napping,
the other two are up there playing...
loudly. You get the picture
(sound machine)
I will probably end up setting up
the pack-n-play in my room
so he can still have the option
of napping in there. For some unknown
reason all of my children have been creatures
of habit. (shrugs shoulders)
I am nothing like that.
So when he goes down for a nap or a night
He actually looks around the room and
if we are in my bedroom I can feel
him relax and let him self drift off.
But the idea of decorating a nursery
is very exciting. I hadn't done it
before because ...
I was too lazy.
But now I think I'm ready.
I just have to decide what to do
in there.
I am toying with the idea of moving
Emma into what is now the guest room
and giving her room to Tanner.
Believe it or not, But Mark is
actually o.k. with that idea!
Even though we already painted
E's room.
Speaking of guest room,
once we move Tanner in there my mom will
be ousted to the bonus room couch.
So I hung some curtains in there to make
it more cozy for her!
Isn't decorating grand!
Have a great weekend!

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