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Thursday, March 11

Tea Party

~ Princess Emma ~
I wanted to post pictures of Emma's Valentine Tea Party.
Her MDO always does a tea party on Vday for the fours.
All the girls get to wear their princess gowns to school for the day.
She wanted to be Cinderella (with a bun in her hair) and I let her wear sparkly makeup. She loved that. They have a fancy smancy little meal with real tea cups and real tea.
That Emma didn't even taste. She hates tea. ha!

It was cute and fun and adorable. And Mark thought only her class had one because they have 12 girls and NO boys! But nope. All the four year old classes do one but it's not as much fun for the boys. (I'm guessing) And I wanted to share one more picture.

The Princess, relaxing before school. Watching cartoons.

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