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Thursday, April 8

Game Ball!!!

That's right!! Miss Em got the game ball at last night's game!

I don't know who was more proud and excited, us or her!
She was presented the game ball in the post game huddle by her coach.
She told me on the way home that getting the game ball felt like when everyone sings happy birthday to her at her parties.  How sweet is that? She's always had a good swing, just never could make contact with the ball.
Until now!
In T-ball, you get three pitches then you hit off the tee.
Almost everyone ends up hitting off the tee.  Including Emma.
 But tonight she hit that third pitch, and hit it hard!
Then she did it again on her next turn to bat!!
Mark and I were grinning ear to ear and thinking, "Game Ball!"
She had a little pause in between the hit and the run.  I think she couldn't believe that she done it.
It was the cutest thing ever. Well, except for all the other cute things my kids have done, right?
If you have kids, you know what I'm talking about. 
I can't help but wonder what I have done to make my Heavenly Father proud of me?

Miss Em sure is proud of this game ball.

And so now, here it sits on her shelf right beside the ballet trophey & slippers from last year.

What can I say, the girls got skills.

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