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Monday, April 12

sprite cake

Have you ever tried this?
Have you ever heard of this?
I tried it last week. 
You simply make a cake with these two ingredients only.
No eggs, no oil, no water.  Just a Sprite.
That was way too easy to pass up! I had to try it. I love Sprite and I love cake! How could I not try it?
So I mix it up, poor into cupcake tins and bake!
Turn out beautiful.  And they were very moist, light and fluffy.

At first.  They were completely normal and easy until they cooled off.
Once they cooled, they were....um....can't find the right word.
They were...doughy.  The more you chewed, the bigger they got.
It was gross.  So I heard they were easy - check.
I heard they were delicious, moist, and good.
I heard wrong.
But I saved you the trouble, don't try this at home.

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