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Monday, April 5

Tanner's room

Well, here's a peek at Tanner's room. I got the trees done last week and  I love them . I didn't end up painting the walls a new color all over because I was too cheap and too lazy.  That's  a large room and just thinking of all the trim work was making me nauseous. I did go ahead and just buy the paint samples from Lowe's for the trees.  Let's see, I got yellow, green, orange, and brown for the trunks.  The samples are only $3.00 for the can so I only spent 12 dollars! You could easily paint 3 trees from each color.  And the one brown sample made 6 trunks, but I had some left over.  I made two blue trees with the left over paint from the bonus room.  The blue and yellow trees are my favorites.

This is how I did it. I drew it out on newspaper first. Once I taped the newspaper to the wall, I decided it needed to be larger so when I traced around it I just extended it about 2 inches all the way around.  You can buy rolls of brown butcher type paper for exactly this kind of project, but that stuff is 10bucks a roll. No thank you. Newspaper worked just fine.  As for the trunks I just said, 'here goes nothing' and went with it.  You kinda have to keep stepping back and adding another little branch here or there.

This is what it looked like at first. I did that yellow tree first and then, I didn't like it because it wasn't tall enough and the trunk was funky. So I ended up rolling over it.
And becuase we have some lovely custom color flat paint that does NOT blend well when you touch it up I kinda ended up with a slightly darker spot then the rest of the walls. It actually dried a little better than this picture shows. It was still wet here. But anyway, after I repainted the Yellow one I decided the crib would look great moved over just a little! hehehe. And it works great.

The little border that you see up at the top is actually these alphabet cards that I have left over from teaching preschool a hundred years ago.

I got the idea from this picture.
Mark is going to hang the cards and then add the small border on top and bottom. Isn't it cute? And it goes well for a nursery and with my trees. Also helps brighten up the room since I was too lazy and cheap decided not to paint the walls.  Also check out the platerack bookshelf in the picture. Don't you love it?
I love it. And I've been wanting one. And Mark is going to make me one for T's room! You can order them at Pottery Barn Kids but I think we can build it cheaper and it will custom fit my wall!
So there you have it. I still need to get some curtains. Always takes me foreeever to buy curtains. Tanner seems to like the trees. He likes being on the changing table because they are right there beside him.  He just stares at them and kinda talks to himself.  I love that baby babble.  It's so adorable.
O.K. Later...

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