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Monday, May 3

flooded in and busy

There has been some major flooding here in Tennessee during the last couple of days.
I just want to say that me and my family are SO blessed to be safe and sound.  Some people lost EVERYTHING to the waters. So sad. Nature is powerful and sometimes scary.  My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this. 
We were completely fine in our house, but the roads going in and out were flooded. It was pouring rain (still) on Sunday morning so we opted to not venture out into the unknown road conditions with our three babies.
Because we stayed home we managed to get a few small things done that have been on my nerves for awhile now.
Mark took down some curtain rod anchors that had no curtains, or curtain rods for that matter hanging on them! I put some curtains up there a long time ago and then decided I don't want curtains up there. It's a whole wall of windows that faces my backyard. The view is great and I think just the blinds are going to work for me. So after he took them down, I patched the holes and that was that.
Next I had Mark move the coat/backpack hooks in the laundry room. So now they are not right in your face as you walk in. That was seriously irritating me. But the more important reason for moving them was to make wall space to paint growth charts for the kids. I took some pictures for you!

This is the new kids spot.
The shoe rack was already tucked over here
and now it makes more sense to have their own stuff over here too.

Here's the process.

You can see we moved the adult coat hooks all the
way down to the end of the wall. They used to be right where
these charts are. Right in.my.face. :p

And now this is finished.
I just used left over paint colors from T's room.
FAREE! Mark is going to add the molding.
We have enough left over to do the top and bottom,
so we will only need to buy 2 new pieces.
'bout $10 bucks for the whole thing! sweet!
I always wanted some growth charts.
I'll show you when we get the moldings up.

And then there's this side of my laundry room! ugh!
I will have me some cabinets in here if it's the last thing I do!
(and a new paint color -
which I'm still deciding on!)

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Amanda DeFelice said...

you should get your neighbor Tracey to paint each of their names above each chart!!!
I think you should pick a really cheerful color to paint in the laundry room. Sice its not that much of a fun chore, a really fun color would make it bearable to be in there!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."