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Monday, May 31

perfect weekend

My perfect weekend started when Mark came home on Friday
evening after having been gone all week.
Saturday morning Emma had her last Tball game.
We got out there before it got too hot, Grandma and Papa came to watch,
the boys were so good, Emma had fun and did great. *perfect*

As soon as we left the ball field Emma, Tanner and I went in
the grocery store to pick up some lunch and drinks while Mark
and Maddox got much needed haircuts.  And then we hit the
pool for some R&R.  It was great. Nice day. Tanner napped inside.
Maddox started swimming again and we just had fun playing with our kids.

Sunday a miracle happened. We got up, ate, got ready, and went to
church before Sunday School started. Amazing. We could call it a day
right there and be proud of ourselves.  I mean we pulled into church
at 9:15 and everybody had their hair brushed, shoes on (we have showed up
places without shoes before. mostly Maddox), Emma had her
pursed packed with candy, and the diaper bag was full.*perfect* It was a glorious
morning. After church, and with much begging from Emma we went to
Mexican. Just so happened to be the Mexican restaurant right beside Goodwill!
*perfect* May as well walk off lunch. So we did.
I bought E some shoes for 2 dollars, a broken candle stick thingy that Mark
is going to try to fix for me for 3 dollars and 15 plates! *perfect* I am finally working
on my plate wall and I.can't.wait.  It will be fabulous. (I'll show ya when it's done)

Anyway, after Goodwill we headed home. Mark mowed, the kids played with all
the neighbor kids, Tanner napped, and I puttered around the garage. Then to add
to my beautiful cut lawn Mark put out new black mulch.*perfect* 

Sunday night we had a first time experience. We took the kids to the Stardust Drive IN
Theatre to see SHREK.  The food was great, big soft pretzels with cheese are my all
time favorite, kit-kat bars, popcorn, sodas, blankets and pillows in the back of the van
and great company! *perfect* Tanner fell asleep around 8:30 in the back of the van, never
woke up when we put him in his car seat, and then never woke up when we put him in bed.

And then, Monday!! Glorious extra day home with daddy! *perfect*
Monday morning we slept in. I went to the grocery by myself while (once again)
Tanner napped and the kids played outside. (notice a theme to our summer beginning
already?)  Around lunch we headed over to the pool to spend some family
time with Mark's brothers and all the cousins.  The kids swam for hours,
the parents napped, chatted, and ate ribs and corn on the cob! *perfect*

We made it back home in time to chill with the neighbor peeps and end
with a  campfire and smore's. Perfect ending to my perfect weekend.

Only 3 days til' we head out for Memphis!
There are many reason summer is my favorite.
(P.S. I forgot my camera...alot so sorry there are no pictures of said perfect weekend but
it did happen. And it was pretty darn......perfect )


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you have an awesome life!!!

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