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Sunday, May 2

yard sale finds

Got all these goodies plus more on Friday morning.
I managed to get the kids out of the house early for E's appt.
so we had time to stop by a few yard sales.
I actually passed one up and from the back seat
Emma says, "OH There's one!" LOL
That's funny because I did not tell them we were
early and looking for yard sales! She knows me too well.
Plus I've rubbed off her (and Maddox) they love to
get out and pilfer around. Anyway,

This cute little container with a lid for $1.

This little blue spoon,
the vintage board game,
a vera bradley wallet,
and the adding machine tape all for $1!

Yes, I said a Vera Bradley wallet!!
With tags!!
It's a small one and it has a specific purpose,
but I'm not sure what it is. Do you know?

Also got this shirt for one dollar.

small wooden plate holder for a dime.
I also got a dart board with darts to hang in the garage for $3.
That was it for me. I had to run and Saturday was complete
wash out! But I'm thinking 2 nearby comunities are having their sales
next weekend!
Hope you found some great deals too!
Don't ya just love it?


Amanda DeFelice said...

It seems like that Vera Bradley wallet is used for coins or maybe jewelry. I love that "cream" container. It look "farm fresh". You always find the best stuff!!!

Becky said...

I think the Vera Bradley thing is for jewlery. Rings go on the thing in the middle. I love reading about your yard sale finds. - Becky P.

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