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Tuesday, May 11

yard sale finds

Hi All!
Hope you are having a looovely week!
I had a bit of a bum week at the sales this past weekend.
BFF and I, with all them kids in tow, went on the hunt
on Friday. And we bought.......nothing!!nada. zilch.zero.zip.
Can you believe that?
me niether. crazy stuff.
So Saturday was a bit of a bust because Mark
promised someone that he would help them at their house on
Saturday morning at 9:30 AM!!!!!! In the morning! Of prime yard sale season!! ugh!!
See all those !!!!!!! - I'm still stewing a little over this.
So, I left here at 7:15am and had to come back to watch the kids while he was gone. He promised me he would be back in an hour and that I could go back out after that, but I don't roll like that.
I like to go early, get my goods, and get back home to finish my day with the family.
He kept his word and was back home in under an hour. But I really needed to go to the grocery. So that's what I did. I pouted (mostly to myself) and I'm still pouting just a teensy bit.
I can't stand to think that I missed some great-amazing-one-of-a-kind deal!
at a garage sale.
I know.
I'm nuts.
I did find a couple of things that I am excited about.

First this cute little frame was only 50 cents....
It's hard to pass up these chunky frames, because
 you can do so much with them.

I found this lantern thingy that I just love and the red
will be great in Madd's room.

Here are some things that I found at Goodwill this week...
Isn't this lovely?
Only 2 dollars and it's a shadow box.
I think that it will work great in the kids new bathroom.
(yes, "new". coming soon!)
I've already torn it apart. :)
(The frame, not the bathroom. lol)

I also got this lamp for 2 dollars. cute.
That's it for me.
I have high hopes for this weekend.
Just hope the rain stays away!

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