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Monday, May 17

yard sale finds

Yard Sales were good to me again this week.
Me and 'all them kids' headed out for a couple of hours on Friday.
I got this ...

for 2 dollars.  I recently ordered some upper case living
to put on a 12x12 tile and this will work perfectly
for displaying it.

I got this beautiful little white bowl for only 50 cents.

I got this beauty for 3 dollars.
I just love it.
It's kind of a sage green color.
( I am so drawn to greens! I have to make myself
not paint the whole darn house green!)
I think I'm going to hang it on the wall.

Picked up this cute little basket for a quater.
Someone will get some baked goodies in this for
Christmas. (might be you!)
And lastly for Friday...
this was my 'fix'
After this I decided it was o.k. to go home.
And I spent all my money!
I have to keep searching for that one great deal.
And for Friday this was it...

I got this oar for only 1 dollar!
I love it.
It is going to be great in my beach bathroom!
Can't you see it, white, distressed, hanging on the wall?!
Can't wait!

P.S. Emma bought some pink dress up shoes for $1.
and a cute headband for 50cents. She should've only gave her
50cents for the shoes, but she always pays full price!

Wanna see what others are finding?

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