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Tuesday, May 25

yard sale finds

Neighborhood Yard Sale this past weekend.
I had a great time.
Walking around to most of the houses.
 I went early enough that it was still a little cool outside.
I got this cute little plate that I think is antique for 50cents.
I can't wait to hang it on the wall.

Also got this sweet little vase for 25cents.
Told ya I'm drawn to greeeeen.

My favorite find of the day:

Old mirror.
Not too big, but great for the laundry room (for now!)
I love these chunky old gold frames.
Yes. I even like that it's gold.
I also got a large rectangle mirror for $5 without a frame.
I think we can use it in the powder room and build a frame like 
this around it when we put up the board and batten like this.
Paid way too much for some kids books. Dollar EACH! I know.
But the little girl was sitting there
with her little yard sale pile saying
"Those books are a dollar."
So I paid the dollar.
and stuck my tongue out at her as I was driving away.
And lastly I picked up Tanner some things for winter
and a VERY cute birthday onesie~!
Hope you found some awesome deals too!

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