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Tuesday, June 8

back home & list of to do's

Were back from a very fun weekend!
Memphis was so fun and relaxing.
We bunked up at my cousin Emy's house.
She and her hubby Phillip were so sweet to us.
They fed us, pampered us, and showed us around their great city.
Madlyn and Thomas were so nice to give us their rooms
and have sleepovers with our kids.  Emma and Maddox had
so much fun and they had actually never met Madlyn and Thomas.
I had not seen Emy in a very long time and it just felt
like home to be around her again. Sweet, talkative, and fun to be around!
Same old Emy that I remember from growing up. They made us feel so comfortable
in their home. They couldn't have been a better host!
I have a ton of pictures. I tried to load them all onto one post and
that was taking me one billion years so I will post some now and some later.

Emma, Madlyn and Maddox

Thomas with his big dog Mia.
Emma was terrified of Mia the entire weekend.
But Maddox liked her just fine.

Friday night...arrived...played in the pool...grilled out.

This is right before we left on Sunday... all them kids...

And here's Thomas and Maddox showing their muscles.
That was the only way I could get Madd to pose for a picture.

The oldest and the baby. I love this one.
So that's the good ones of the family.
I will post all the adventures we
had with pictures in a couple of days.

On another note:
My mom is here for the week. YAY
I had a loooong list of things to get done
around here while she was here, but I didn't
post it because I didn't want to be held
accountable! :)
But I have got lots done!
My plate wall is 98% done!
I hung pictures all up my staircase!
I painted the kids picnic table!
I hung a curtain in the bonus room!
Went to the grocery store by.my.self!
Fixed the roof on the swing set!
Cleaned the back windows outside while on a ladder!
And baked a ham! :) That part IS true.
My first ham ever. And it was yum. and easy.
 I shoulda done that sooner.
Anyway, I will say that I hope to hang
Tanner's curtain tomorrow.
The drill and I are not BFFs.
And before the end of the week,
I would like to have my wedding photos up 
lights under my cabinets and the coffee table stained!
Think I can do it?
yeah. me neither.
Just kidding. I'm going to try.
I love having my mom here....
I'll let ya know how it's going. 

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amanda persinger said...

I am LOVING their back yard!!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."