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Saturday, June 12

curtain transformation

I finally hung some curtains in Tanner's room!
Tab top curtains? I'm not a fan.
Back tab curtains are my fav.
But the tab top curtains are the cheapest.
hmmm...what to do?
Break out the glue gun.
I bought the tab top.
And just hot glued the tabs down on the back!
Worked perfectly!
Now it hangs just like a back tab.

I love them!
See the right panel....that's tab top.
The left panel, I glued the tabs to the back of the curtain
and now it's a back tab panel! Awesome!
And this set of curtains were only $17. (for both)
Remember when you hang curtains,
hang em' high and hang em' wide.
That way your room appears taller and your
windows larger. And also remember if your
going to do this your curtains will be
about 2 inches shorter.
Now I gotta go glue that other panel.


amanda persinger said...

LOVE that idea! Avery has tap top for her b/room that i havent hung yet...i need to see details ; )

Jess said...

You should take a mini vaca; come stay with me and help me decorate! A girls decorating weekend...doesn't that sound like fun?

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For this moment is your life."