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Thursday, June 10

mini makeover

Remeber this???
I mean, really how could you forget?
I picked it up at GW. It's  a shadow box.
I told you I was planning on putting in the
kids new beach bathroom.
Well, we haven't even thought about
starting on the bathroom. With Mark being out
of town, the driveway needs to be sealed, he just
had knee surgery, blah, blah, blah. (excuses)
He couldn't care less about this bathroom.
But I do! So anyway, I was so tired of looking at the
bathroom accessories laying in the garage and attic
instead of in the bathroom.  I decided to just hang 
them up anyway. Even if we weren't doing the beach bathroom.
 No harm, this could NOT excalate
into......much. :) more on that later.
O.K. Back to the ugly rooster.
My idea was to paint it white, distress it,
Cover the rooster with scrapbook paper,
and glue some starfish in there.
In my lets do it NOW (even if we don't have all the
stuff we need) attitude, I didn't have starfish so I
turned it into this. And I love it!
Looks beachy, right? And it cost $2.
I did more to the bathroom too.
I was SO tired of looking at the stupid
towels hanging on the wall!
What is that about anyway?
I don't like it.
So I took it down.
And that made huge holes in the walls.
That I had to patch and you know what?
Now I have to paint them! shucks.
Onto more accessories.
Here's the oar I got for one dollar at a yard sale.

I changed it to this:
I am addicted to lanterns.
I love them and I just about fell out right in
the middle of Wal-Mart the other night.
I was supposed to be picking up a few groceries.
They have a huge display of lanterns out with
their July4th stuff. Red, Blue, White and Silver ones.
Small and Large. So after touching and gauking on all of them.
I decided on this one.

With all my accessories together,
 here's the display I created instead of towels
hanging on the wall?!

That little plate is hiding a hole patch-up.
I don't think I have a before picture.
I just started taking stuff down.
The sunbathing sign was $8 at BigLots
and there's my little green base for 25cents.
I'm not done yet.
But it's a start!
If you don't like towels hanging on the wall either..
take them down! It's not a rule.


amanda persinger said...

OK..time to come over to my house and do some decorating ; )

Becky said...

Let me know when you have time to come over. :) I'll bet you could do something with all the junk I have just laying around. Love your inspiration.

Terry said...

You've got some great transformations! I can't believe you got that oar for $1! And I bet the people who sold it to were questioning your style which is always so funny, isn't it!

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For this moment is your life."