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Thursday, July 29

Things to do..

Hey there! Thanks for still reading. I'm on a blogging lull right now.
I am staying home all day hoping to get lots done. But when you have three small little that can't feed, change, and take care of themselves, knocking off the to-do list is not exactly easy. I manage just fine. But I don't get near done what I used to be able to do. 

I am hoping to work on the treat bags for the BTS party today. I am totally copying someone else's idea.  The party is coming along nicely. But you can't really put things together and out of course until the day of the party. I don't like that. I like to have things ready way ahead of time. Makes me feel better.

Have you heard of NameBubbles? They are so cute. I ordered some for Emma and Maddox so I'm waiting on them to come in the mail. I am anxious to get all of her stuff labeled, put together, and by the door. I'm just like that. I want it all to be done now! I don't like waiting.

So for the next SEVEN months it's a PaRTy-A-mOnTH over here!! Yay!
I have Tanner's BIG #1 in September (Hard to believe!) Then of course onto the Holiday Parties, then
Emma's birthday and a sweet Valentine Party (that I already bought something for). I know. I know. But this cute little banner was on clearance last year so I'm using  this year! :)

One of my favorite seasons of the year is coming up  - Consignment Sale Season!!!!
I love them. That's one of the things on the to-do list. Work on tagging. Ugh. It's just the motivation to start that I need.

I'm thinking Puppy Dog party for T's big #1! What do you think? He loves dogs. Well, mostly only Sally. But he loves Sally.  And I wanted to do a puppy party for Maddox but never did. I think the treats and snacks would be so cute. And maybe I got a little inspiration from Kara's! O.k. Alot!

I'm still not finished with my shelf. I know. And if you're tired of hearing about believe me I am tired of saying it! I want that thing d.o.n.e. I have been painting on it. It needs a little more sanding, touching up and Mark has to put the new beadboard back on!

All this and not too mention that my house is a wreck!
Well I'm off to La-La land!
Have a great day!

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