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Wednesday, August 4

First Day of School!!!

Emma's first day of school!
She picked her own outfit.
She was so excited. She came bounding down the
steps before I even went to wake her.

Flowers for the teacher...
Just a little gift.
Has nothing to do with sucking up.
of course. :)

Walking in.
This girl was not nervous at all!
Go Emma!

We found Mrs. Hamrick's Class.

Emma with Mrs. Hamrick.

She put all her supplies on the supply table,
and before we left she
was organizing the glue!
HA! She is so my kid! :)
Bye sweet girl.
I love you!
Have a great day!
EDITED TO SAY: I forgot to tell you ,
no one cried! It was a happy day.


alissa4illustration said...

That's exciting! She looks so happy! I love the flowers and backpack!

My son won't start this year, next year. I'm a little worried because all his preschool class moved on. It was hard last year because his whole preschool class graduated, but him. They make a BIG deal out of graduation, and I held him out of it. He has an August birthday. He is smart (learning to read small words), but socially awkward (won't hold still). Maybe it will bother me more then him.

rachel... said...

Already?? We have a few more weeks, still.

She is ADORABLE! Congratulations, Emma! :)

Amanda DeFelice said...

dangit! I don't keep tissue near my laptop! She is like my own so I cried for you! I know she will have a fantastic year! Big Hugs & Kisses!

Elizabeth said...

She is soooo precious!!!!! :) Those are such sweet pictures!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."