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Monday, August 30

It's Monday

I got nothing for ya today peeps.
Except a bunch of rambling.
Weekend didn't turn out like it was supposed to.
It was o.k., just not planned.

Friday was not a good day at work for Mark
so I chose to stay home and hang out with him
instead of going scrappin' with my girls.

Maddox was the only one that went to my nephews
bday party, b/c it was at Chuck-E-Evil Cheese and Emma
is terrified of that evil mouse.

Saturday, I did get to hit a 1/2 price day
at the consignment sales, but had to get back
home so I couldn't stop at a.n.y. of the many
yard sales!!!

Then we all fell asleep later in the day on Saturday,
and completely slept through a huge carnival bday party.
nice. We are so thoughtful like that.

And then Sunday, I got all pretty up for church in my
dress and heels and fell allllll the way down the garage
steps. yeah. ouch. really, really ouch. Scratched up my shins,
hurt my tushy, and twisted my ankle. (which is hurting much worse
this morning)  It takes a full blown miracle to get us to church
on time anymore and we were ON TIME, if not early!! I was
not letting this day go. I marched right back in the house
changed into pants to conceal my wounded legs, put on my
not-so-slick shoes and hopped (gently) back in the van!
Oh yes. I did. We were going to church!

So now it's Monday.
Today is Gymnastics and one more
Consignment drop off.

Speaking of I made enough on consignment sales
 this year to do a big project in the kitchen.
I'll show you soon!

I am completely dreaming of all things fall
and Halloweeny, but I told myself that I would
get Consignment sale season over with before
I start decorating. I can hear the pumpkins in the attic
just screaming to get out.

Well, my hair is still wet and I just heard
Maddox open his own cheese stick.  I better
get in there.  Happy Monday!
Hope your week is awesome and blessed!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

aahh, life as a mother, wife, and woman....you are loved, scraped up shins & all! my weekend wasn't all that fabulous either...

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."