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Wednesday, August 18

a look around...

Maddox's room.
I've really never shown you
the actually rooms in my home.
They are nothing special.
But they are ours.
So, if you care for the
nickel tour, here's a peek
into our big boys room.
Oh, BTW my photos are not grand.
I have no fancy, smancy camera
and I don't edit. I just don't have
the time. The new camera ...well
Santa's coming soon, right?

Madd's got a sports room.
Look that's him hanging off the end
of the bed. :)
Bedding: Target
Like you, there are many
negative things that I could
pick at in every one of the photos
but I'm not going to go there.

Remember that free picture frame?

One dollar: Target Dollar Spot

Mark and I painted these stripes.
It was not too hard,
just a lot of measuring.

Remember this yard sale find?

Almost every room in
my house has books in it.

These hold lots of toys.

Curtain: handmade by Grandma

Lamp: Hobby Lobby

Here's the boy saying
"This is my room!"
Hope you enjoyed that.
I will be doing more of these.

Up tomorrow: My newest layouts.

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