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Monday, September 27


I love fall!
I adore it.
And part of that is HALLOWEEN.

I love Halloween.
There I said it.
I love the costumes and
the excitement the kids get from
Trick or Treating.
And I definitely love the kids candy.
You know you hide the good stuff in the
pantry for yourself. Don't pretend. Yes. You do.

I love the people that give out the candy bars.
I'm not one of those people.
I'm more of the sucker and bubble gum house.

Anyway, if you've been around here
for ONE second, you know we party
So we, of course, are hosting our
Halloween Party.
Now, I tried, meaning I've already been
planning for a month, (you're not surprised)
to just have 'monster' themed party
But I can't. I can't. There are WAY to
many Caaauuute crafts out there for
me  to just stay with the monsters.
So this week, Maddox is going
back to school (PRAISE JESUS!) :)
and I will be crafting away!
I can't wait. I am such a
BiG fAT CopY CaT.
But I don't care. Copy, I will!
Because these are adorable.

Here's what I am working on:

Don't you LOVE these??
Can't you see them ALL over my new bookshelf?

And then, there's this little guy:

Don't you just want to kiss him?
I do.
Or lick him.
Or if you knew what was in there
you would want to EAT him.
He's an OREO!
I am making these for sure.
Uhh..not this week.
I better wait awhile for this one. ;)
But I have more things up my sleeves...
Catch you up later.


Mostly I mean the platter, but who doesn't
want an eyeball cookie!? So I will probably make
those as well. I hope the people coming over
are hungry!

Oh, one more thing! I got an exciting email today!!!
BUT I'm not sharing that info just yet.


Erin said...

I agree. Those are totally adorable! And I LOVE Halloween too. We're the candy bar house (mainly so I can eat them!) =o)


Elizabeth said...

I loveeee Halloween! :) Looks like y'all are gonna have a FUN house!

And yes, I have once again been sucked in to bad world of blogging! lol :P

amanda persinger said...

I saw that spider plate too...and thought it was so cute. You are becoming quit the party girl...I see party planner in you future ; )
AND...I better be on your guest list! hee!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Fun!! Too bad I will be out of town all month. However, I will be in "Transylvania" County, N.C. **my home town of Brevard**!!! And blogging all about the Flight of the Vampire and fun fall activities in the Mountains. Still... too bad, because I would have LOVED to come and help you make the cutest Oreo mummies I have ever seen! Great Blog!!!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."