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Thursday, September 30

a hodge podge post

Here's the jars that I got finished on Tuesday.

I've gotten a few questions about how I am doing
these.  I am using mason canning jars because thats
what I already had.
My granny sends me green beans, and I
have been saving the jars.
You can also use pickle jars, salsa jars,
anything glass. O.k. You must use
Acrylic Paint. I used dollar store foam
brushes and only one coat.
Dries Super fast.
I tried using a Sharpie to draw the
faces but that didn't work to well
for me. So I painted on the faces
with Emma's little paint brush.
Much better.
And then Spray on a Clear Glaze.
(spray paint aisle)
*I've seen others do this project
by covering the jars with Modge Podge and
then with tissue paper. Which would
be cheaper.

Moving on...
'Part' of the reason for the lack
of posts lately is because my camera
broke! I knew it was coming.
It was old.
Mark got me a new one.

Nothing fancy.
Point and shoot.
Same as before.
Small - works best for me.
Because as I have told you before
 I literally take pictures every.day.
I carry it with me.
That's me early in the morning
without makeup.
Here's what was happening
right behind me:

Let's see what else could I pack into this post.
Emma had silly sock day this week.
I got pretty cute.
I think.
She wanted me to hurry, because
her ride was waiting.
(I will probably be using that sentence
again in about 10 years.)
I gotta hit the grocery store today.
Have a great day friends!

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