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Monday, September 13

yard sale finds

Yay! I went yard saling this weekend!!
I stayed out way too late on Friday night scrappin
with my ladies but I still got up early and went out.

Here's what I found:
50 cents

50 cents

50 cents

Again, 50 cents!!
So cute. Wore this one to
church yesterday. :)

And one more thing:
75 cents. And it works!
With real money.
The kids love it.

Here's Maddox eating candy for breakfast.
I also wanted to show you some
GW finds from last week:

I don't remember the prices on
all of these but I got them on 1/2
price day.  You will see them again
on a before/after post.
Speaking of....
I painted all of Emma's
bedroom furniture this weekend
and got my mirror framed
so I will show you that soon.
I know, I know I said I would show you
Tanner's room but I didn't get to it.
The pumpkins in the attic kept
getting louder and louder
so I let them out.  :)


Elizabeth said...

Great finds! Makes me wanna stroll up to Goodwill later! :)

amanda persinger said...

Lucky you...Dang I should've followed you when I saw you that morning! Ha!ha!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."