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Thursday, October 21

teeth, steps, shoes, and.... gravy?

I thought I would share this picture:

(that's my foot)
(in my new shoes)
to tell you this news:
Tanner has his first tooth!
One right on the bottom.

He can do this!

Don't mind all that the background noise.
Emma watched "Mitilda" on vacation
and now she won't stop saying,
'baby,baby stick your head in gravy.'

He is trying to keep up with the big kids.
His most favorite thing to do is play outside.
He gets mad every.time. you bring him in.
He's going to be fearless, like his brother.
He's growing up.
Turning from a baby into a toddler.

Babies grow, and in this, is the
joy and sorrow of motherhood.
Have a great Thursday!
I'll be back tomorrow for Photo Friday!

Oh! I guess now that he is 'walking'
I should buy the kid some shoes!

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