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Monday, November 1

Bye-Bye Halloween...See you next year!

Halloween was a success again this year.
We filled up the entire weekend with costumes and candy!

Woo hoo! Tanner ate his first sucker.
He was giddy. It was really very cute.

And it brought back all the memories of Emma's first Halloween
when we let her have sucker for the first time.
She was in a spotted cat costume and as irony
would have it ....Tanner was in a spotted dog costume!

So are you ready to see the costumes we ended up using?
This is Friday night. We went to a Fall Festival at the YMCA.

They are being silly.
Emma -cat
Maddox the bumble bee
(He didn't want to wear that,
but I told him there was a transformer
named bumble bee.)
Tanner - Dalmatian dog

On Saturday night we loaded up and
went to Madd's MDO for a trunk-or-treat.
Emma - Cowgirl with attitude
Maddox - Pirate
I painted a mustache and eye patch
on him before we left the house, but
he cried and fitted in the car
about what shoes we made him wear(?)
at least that's what I think all the fuss
was about. So he mostly just looked dirty.

And here's my costume for the night
along with that cute little puppy.
Tanner loved Halloween!
He wasn't scared of any of the costumes.
Then on the big night.
We had our annual Halloween party!
So fun to have our friends and family over.
Here's the crew...
There's Maddox up there looking more
like Hamburgler than batman. :)
They were all very cute!
I am already thinking of adorable
costumes and characters for next year.
But the trick is to gather supplies/make
them ahead of time. And not let
your kids choose for themselves! :)
We had a great time.
And now today I am in the process
of taking down all the decorations.

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