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Monday, November 15

date night

Mark made all the plans for our date on Saturday night.
he bought us tickets to Chaffins Barn theatre. It's a local place that is lots of fun. We had been there once before and ever time we go we say to ourselves we have got to come back soon. But life happens and we let too much time go by before going back. We watched some local actors and actresses perform a very funny play.

Right around the corner  from the barn is the infamous Loveless Cafe. As in Patty Loveless. It used to be a motel, but now it is a restaurant full of antiques and country charm. Right up my alley! I loved the place and the food! Big ol' plate of BBQ, fried green tomatoes (!), mashed potatoes,and biscuits. So yummy. On the grounds with the restaurant are several old shops full of handmade treats. It was really fun and relaxing just walking and browsing without having to wrangle a bunch of kids off of all the breakables. Shopping with kids can be delightful.

We were a little early so we ran by this really cool Toy Store that reminds me alot of the movie Mr. Magorums Wonder Emporium. For you locals, its Phillips Toy Mart. (you should go) I didn't take any pics in there because I was madd shopping, pulling things off the shelves, loading Mark's arms down as he trails behind me laughing at my insanity. Seriously as he was checking out I was yelling from the aisle, Wait! They have this ball catch gamey thing!" And so they we ran the check card twice. :) We got there at 5:41 and they close at 5:30. They let us in anyway so I was trying to hurry. I barely made it half way through the store. We will be going back with the kids before Christmas, so I'll share pics then.

For now, I leave you with these.

I am in First Aid/CPR training Monday and Tuesday this week,

so I am a little short on bloggy time. I haven't even read my favs for today!
Tomorrow I will try to show the progress on the bathroom.
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amanda persinger said...

Love that toy store...thanks for reminding me of it; ) I can't believe we have never been to chaffin's barn or loveless... we Have to go now!!! It's like my kinda place too : )

amanda persinger said...

oops "It sounds"

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."