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Wednesday, November 24

Thoughts on Thanksgiving Eve...

Hello Turkeys!!
How's that dinner coming?

I am actually cooking a little wee size turkey
just for my family of 5.
I have never cooked a turkey before,
so we'll see how that goes.

Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamt of a big, fancy Thanksgiving meal with all my family gathered around a tableclothed table full of food. I have never had that dream come true. In our family the food is always served from the bar and the stove top on styrofoam plates and everyone takes their plate to the couch, table, bar, living room floor, or wherever you can find a spot. There's nothing wrong with this. It's just that little girls dream a bigger dream.  A story book dream. (wonder if that was the party planner in me the whole time?!)

The point is that everyone is together. And for a few years everyone was together. But then we get older. Some move away. Some have children and babies that makes it hard to travel. Grandmas get older and can't cook the 'big' one anymore.  Just this year, I have seen my dreams in Emma's eyes and words. "Mom, are we going to eat turkey on Thanksgiving?"  "We are supposed to feast tomorrow."  "We can say what we are thankful for."  Sweet girl.   I want to give her all those things.
 Turkey. Thankful traditions. Family. Memories.

So I am cooking a turkey.  We will set the table with the breakables....mostly. (at least plates)  We will fill up our Thankful tree with leaves, and we will eat together.  And my heart will overflow with love for a GOD that would 'give' me so much that I do not deserve. 
 I hope you and your family will have a
thankful dreamy day as well!

Gobble, Gobble!

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