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Monday, December 6

All I Want for Christmas

Yesterday the kids at church performed their Christmas musical and drama.
Amanda and I have been working with them for months on the songs, lines, costumes, stage...
It was a our biggest production so far.  I was a little nervous that they might get 'stuck' in the middle and not know what to do but except for a few gentle prompts it went over great!
The kids were adorable and funny. The kids were all dressed up as toys in a toy store.
Here are some pictures...

Emma was 'Madeline' the doll.

EDITED: After looking back over this post I realize that the little unicorn girl
standing to Emma's right has disappeared from this last picture! LOL
She started getting undressed because her costume was hot,
so her mom told her it was better to just come on off the stage. :)
Happy Monday!
These are our memories.

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