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Monday, January 3

Chattanooga New Years Eve

Hello Bloggy Friends!!
Happy New Year! Mark and I haven't 'really' celebrated New Years Eve for years. By that I mean staying up til' midnight. We used to do that before kids. Nowadays I would rather just go to sleep by 10 like usual.
I don't know if you allow your little ones to stay up with you on News Years or not, but we never have. We just feel that they are kids and they need rest. And rest equals happy kids for the next day!  It doesn't matter either way. Your not wrong if you do, but we are not wrong if we don't. So I say all that to say we celebrated News Years with our kids on December 31st at 12 noon! In Chattanooga at the Children's Creative Discovery Museum they had a New Years Celebration for Kids at noon and it was really fun. Why haven't I ever thought of that before!? Yes. We were in Chattanooga for New Years because we were on our way back from Georgia. (I will get to that part next)  If you have never been to THIS place you MUST go! We just thought it was completely awesome and the kids loved it too.  It is a hands on fun experience for kids all ages and its big.  Sorry I'm including lots of pictures. I couldn't decide. And then my camera battery  went dead.

Music room
The Dinosaur area was by far Maddox's favorite!
Art Gallery
Snack Shack and more.
We already have our next trip to Chattanooga on the calender!
Here are some pictures of the insane amount of confetti dropped straight down on top of me and Emma.
It was really fun and we were in the middle.

If you haven't been to Chattanooga you should go.
I know its been a few a days since I posted. I've been lazy. I have very much enjoyed this Holiday time off with my family. We have played tons of games, ate popcorn, stayed in pajamas and watched Despicable Me over and over. We actually got a little into the sleeping late routine. When I say sleeping late I mean 7:30.  It's been fun and tomorrow it's back to school and waking up at 6am.
Emma's birthday is coming very soon, so while the kids are at school tomorrow I will be shopping around!


Stacie Davis said...

That looks like so much fun!! We definitely need to plan a trip...the girls would love it!

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