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Thursday, January 27


I finished the project that has been on my mind for months,
and on my table for weeks!

These are easy to make.
If you just take the time.

Here's what I did.
Take a side view picture.
Enlarge it to 8x10 black and white.
Use your fine tip sharp scissors and trim around.
Paint the picture with black craft paint.
Then ModgePodge to your canvas.
done :)

Both my boys have that very cute little round nose. :)
I would recommend laying your pictures on
wax paper when you paint. Otherwise you may
end up with what happened to me. this:

The picture stuck to the magazine paper so I had
to go back and trim it off.
And one more tip. Use thin coats of
paint or it might bubble.

I really love them.
I put them in the small hallway
outside our master bedroom.

Mark is finally coming home today!!
I'm so excited to not feel like a single mom.
In other news I am desperately looking on Craigslist daily, hourly for a cheap dresser to redo.
After 2 years in the house, I finally ordered curtains for the front room (twice),
bought some more plates at GW, changed the layout of the breakfast area table
because the kids thought I was cool if I did, and have been drowning in Amish bread.
I put 5 starters in my freezer yesterday. (Oh my waist line! Summer is coming!)

Happy Thursday!
This is our life...


Amanda said...

just a thought....paint the sides of the canvas to make it look framed?
they are so cute & I heart them!

Jess said...

I LOVE these! I might have to give this a try!

amanda persinger said...

LOVE it! I cant get over how much it really looks like them!!! :) I agree with Amanda, I think the sides painted or add some type of ribbon or jute would be nice and it will cover up the staples. I am very impressed wish my kids were younger :(

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For this moment is your life."