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Thursday, January 20


We had a Disney Tangled theme party for Emma this year.
Once we saw the movie we were over our heads in love with it.
So we decided to do the big #6 party around it.
There was hair everywhere!
I made these cute hairbow holder braids for all the treat bags.

 I also printed off and made these cute
 FlynnRider Wanted Posters from the disney family website.
The girls added the noses. ( if you've seen the movie then you get this...)

We played games, the girls most favorite being the game
that I so geniusly called "Tangled".
(I know, I know).
The girls paired up and tangled each other in Rapunzel's hair. (yellow streamer)

(look at little Chloe in the background sucking her thumb!) cuteness

Then at the end they all tangled each other!
It was alot of fun.
And I got the group picture while they were tangled!

Here are some more highlights.
The cake

Emma wanted the "tower" to be pink so I said why not?
I order the cake topper HERE and
then added some extra hair.

The gift table

The decorations
I couldn't get a good picture of the 'hair' that was everywhere.
I used yellow streamer and draped it all over the breakfast area,
up and down to look like Rapunzel's hair.

The dining room was the 'lantern room'.
(again, if you've seen the movie, you will get it.)
I thought and thought about these lanterns for a couple of weeks.
Trying to figure out how to do them and for cheap. Finally I came up with just
hanging white paper bags from the ceiling.  I tried to the wee hours of the morning on Friday
night to get these darn things to look right and I couldn't so I said forget it and threw them in the floor.

I cut them to make them each a little different size and then
used a safety pin to punch two small holes in the bottom,
then threaded through some thin floral wire.
If you're smart you could also just tape them to a thread and
then tape the other end to your ceiling. You know, whatever works.
  I like to do everything the hard way at least once. (ha.ha.ha.)

Mark picked up where I left off and hung them in the dining room on Saturday. 
 I loved it.  Much better. Unfortunately I didn't get a great picture of them.

I also served snacks from skillets! ,
made custom cupcake toppers
and served Maximus' apples.
(he's the horse from the movie)

(my original idea was to make the icing on these babies yellow,
like hair, but I didn't make enough yellow icing and had extra
pink icing left over, so you can figure what I did at the eleventh hour!)

I couldn't find a "pin the tail on the donkey"
type game to go with this theme, so I made one!
From an overhead projector I drew this Rapunzel on
poster board, let the birthday girl color it and then
cut small cute purple crowns out using the circuit!
(love that circuit!)
Then I just rolled up some scotch tape on the
back of the crowns to make them stick. I wish
I had a picture of it with all the little crowns
stuck all over it. It was uber cute!

In conclusion, of course there were presents!
She got tons of great stuff including her favorites:
Pajamas to match her baby doll and a snuggie!
But I do love when this happens....
That's when she opened her Rapunzel doll.
Good times!
These are our memories...

P.S. I know it took me a few days to get this up but my mom
has been here visiting which means I have.not.stopped. working.
She takes the kids and I am fAreee to craft, shop, play, workout, ahhh.
I love that mom of mine!
Although I haven't stopped I really don't have anything
exciting to show for myself.
I painted the stairway, but it's still the same color.
I am just trying to cover up all this dirty flat paint!
I ((almost)) bought a love seat, does that count for anything?
o.k. I'm getting to work on a little v-day craft and
I will show you that soon!


Gift finder said...

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Em said...

Awww, it looks like you put so much effort into this! You sound like a really devoted mother. :)

Cindy said...

I love the streamer game and the wool hair as decor! Very creative and practical, too! :o)

Stephanie Smith said...

I recently did a Tangled Party as well. Check it out on my blog. There are two post about it. Yours looks pretty cute. I bet the birthday girl really liked it.

Lorie said...

So how did you get the Flynn Rider posters to look old?
They look so much cuter this way!

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