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Thursday, February 24


I love baking.
cakes - check
cupcakes - check
brownies - check
cookies - check
I love to eat all these baked goodies! I crave them.
You all know I am a party girl so I really do enjoy making birthday cakes.
I''m not that great at it.
Good enough I guess.
I'm learning as I go.
I would love to have more opportunities to bake.
As far as birthday cakes go, I always make the white cake with the buttercream frosting.
But I really want to venture out and start trying other flavors.
I really want to try this vertical layer cake

(tutorial here on i am baker)

And anyone want a rainbow cake cause I have to do this:

With Maddox's birthday just around the corner,
I've been researching cakes a little more.
I have found some wonderful blogs about baking.
I am baker is my recent favorite. Her cakes are beautiful and she gives lots of tutorials.
Bake at 350 gives tons of cookie tutorials. Her cookies are so fab!
Plus look at this...
I have been drooling over this picture for weeks and I promise you as soon as
Maddox's birthday cake is gone, I am making this little jewel!! The recipe is HERE
on Bake at 350.
Here's my plan for Madd's birthday cake:
White sheet cake, Yellow icing all over, bat symbol made with chocolate icing.
That's it.
It'll be simple.
I think.
Don't ya love cake? yum. me too.

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