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Thursday, February 17

bedroom plans

Our bedroom is boring.
It's a huge room. That was one of the reasons we liked this house plan.
That and it's downstairs away from the kids rooms upstairs.
Anyway, it was one of the only rooms that we bought new furniture for
when we moved in. For 10 years of marriage we were sleeping on a full
size bed that was really old...and ugly. So we got new when we moved here.
King size bed (LOVE IT), dresser/mirror, 2 nightstands and t.v. armoire.

Besides the new furniture I haven't done a thing in here.
No paint. no accessories. nothing.
It's yuck.
But I'm living with it for now....yard sales coming up!
Here's what it is....

I have plans people.
Just not unlimited finances.
I haven't made it a priority.
And I 'm not saying I am now, but it's a work in progress.

Here's the other side of the room.
Looking from the bed.

There's just no good place to put a treadmill.
Mine folds up, but the kids play on it this way so I leave it down.
Plus it makes me nervous folded up.

The other wall is just as bad.
I have trouble decorating the dresser.
Do you put stuff on there?
I like it clean, but then it looks naked?

The fourth wall is not good either.
A couple of wedding photos, two doors and that's it.

All in due time.
For today I'm dreaming and being content.


amanda persinger said...

you and me both! ; )

Kimberley said...

Holy cow that is a BIG room! Love the furniture! I haven't painted a room in my house lol This is our first house we've owned and not rented, I'm still color shy lol

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