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Thursday, February 10

Goodwill Finds

Last Saturday was one of my favorites days.
1/2 price day at GW!!
I got there at 8am when the doors opened.
It was packed.
The secret is out.
It was worth it.
I got this gorgeous vase...

Would this make a beautiful lamp or what?
There were actually 2 of these but I let
my friend Janna take one.
(I saw them first)
If and when I would ever make a lamp
out of it, I might have to beg her for hers too!

Moving on...
I also got this beauty for only 13dollars!

This spot on the wall really needed a something.
A big something.
And this looks perfect.
The back paper says it's from Kirkland's.
I love it.
Makes me love it more that it was cheap.
Next I found this gorgeous shower curtain.
No, I don't 'need' a shower curtain.
But I love the fabric.

So I'm not really going to use it as a
shower curtain. I am instead
going to make pillows, or cover chairs,
or make a valance or something.
I don't know yet.
I do know that it was only 2dollars!!
Ahh...and that makes me love it more.
How can it be?

Do you go to GW on 1/2 price day?
1st Saturday every month!
I also got the boys some shoes and
2 square plates for my plate wall!


Ashley Tremaine said...

Are all the GW's 1/2 days on that day? I think ours are once a month on Wednesdays! Great deals..LOVE that vase and the shower curtain!

Elizabeth said...

Omg...was the shower curtain at the MJ location?? I almost picked that sucker up!!! I'm gonna post what I got tomorrow, so stay tuned! :) It may be the same person who dropped off the picture from Kirklands, because that's where mine is too! :)

amanda persinger said...

love the picture!! is it above your bench??

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